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Performance Schedule

Holiday Recital

Sunday December 15th
Students of Bryan Brosen
Rock & Ukulele Group Class Performances

Sunday December 16th
9:30am – Students of:
Marianne Haggar
Musical theatre & acting
Group performances

10:30 am – Students of:
Mark Grayce
Mark Griffith
Bob Donzella
Cassandra Larrosa

12:00pm – Students of:
Cassady Grablauskas
Matt Lanni
Jay Sweet
Tracy Colon

1:30pm – Students of:
Pam Johnson
Steve Minkewicz
Kevin McMahon
Victoria Little

3:00 pm – Students of:
Lili Koblentz
Erik Reynolds
Dave Reck
Mark Chernoff

Cost: $30 for first participating student, $20 for each additional student. Includes 2 tickets PER FAMILY. Additional tickets $5 each in advance or $7 each on the day of performance.