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2020 Virtual Winter Recital

Sweet Music had been presenting an annual Holiday Recital for over 15 years. This year, we will offer a high production virtual video recital and hope you all decide to participate. For this recital, students will come in and perform in front of our green screen, and we will record and produce your holiday-themed music video in the same way your favorite artists and YouTubers do. All selections must not exceed four minutes or six minutes if you are doing two instruments. The video will be posted on our YouTube channel, and all of your family and friends will all be able to watch! If interested, you must let us know by November 23rd. We will then schedule a time to produce your video. The cost to participate is only $20.

We have already had a tremendous interest in our winter recital.
To participate, we recommend you schedule a time slot to film your performance at the studio on Sunday, December 6th, with spots available beginning at 10:00 am.

You have 15 minutes of filming time, so please arrive 10 minutes early and come prepared. All students are encouraged to wear black formal clothing and steer away from any clothing colored green or blue. We are filming the performances with a green screen, therefore green or blue clothing would interfere with the production.

For those who choose, you may also submit a video to us. If you select this option, we can still edit in the background as long as you perform your piece in front of a blue or green background and don’t wear blue or green clothing.

To schedule your time and to participate, please email us at your earliest convenience.