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Lesson Policy

Please see our 2022-2023 Policy, Procedures, and Tuition Policy here: Sweet Music Academy Policy, Procedures, & Tuition 2022-2023

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Remote Virtual Music Lessons

Remote and Virtual Music Lessons

We are pleased to provide virtual music lessons so students can learn their instruments remotely while keeping the professional quality Sweet Music Academy has been known for since 2004. Advantages of Remote Virtual Lessons Learn from university top-trained professionals Learn from the comfort of your home Schedule lessons based around your availability Receive written assignments … Read more

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We teach all flute and reeds instruments with our amazing staff including flute, clarinet, piccolo, oboe, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and baritone saxophone. These wind instruments are important in orchestras, marching bands, and a big part of classical, jazz, and modern compositions. Learn them from the best!

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Brass instruments range from large sousaphones to small bugles. Brass instruments have a certain authoritative characteristic synonymous with a marching band or school pep band. However, they can also be found in very intimate settings as well such as jazz quartets. There are two main type of brass instruments, valved such as the trumpet and … Read more

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The cello is mostly utilized in a classical setting whether in an orchestra or string quartet. However, it is also known for virtuoso performances by the amazing cellist Yo-Yo Ma showing that it can be diverse when put in the hands of the ambitious performer. Our string instructors will show beginning cellist how to play … Read more

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String instruments have been around for centuries. The most notable string instrument is the violin, but let’s not forget the other members of the string family, viola, cello and double bass. Known for their use of a bow to play them, string instruments can also be plucked with the player’s fingers depending on the desired … Read more

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Fretted Instruments

The most notable fretted instrument is by far the guitar. 6 strings and your rocking away. However, there are many other fretted instruments out there. Some featured in specific styles of music such as jazz or country, others more rock focused. In recent times, it seems all styles of music pull inspiration from others so … Read more

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Drums, they can either be awesome and grooving or just plain loud and annoying. We want you to sound awesome and grooving and so do your friends and family. Our drum instructors take some of the misconceptions of drumming and bring you back into a realm of musicality while still keeping that rock star drummer … Read more

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The soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone are all taught at Sweet Music Academy and are a fixture in our Jazz Band! It is ideal as a solo instrument for expressing emotions and is never made out of wood. They are very popular in military bands, marching bands, jazz bands, and in contemporary music. The … Read more

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The clarinet family is the largest of all woodwinds, including a bass and contrabass version, and is a fixture in concert band and orchestra. It is one of the favorites for beginners starting out on woodwinds due to its portability and it being light weight. It is also one of the newest orchestral instruments having … Read more

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