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Rhythm Ensemble

One of the most challenging aspects of music is reading and playing rhythms with accuracy and precision. Mastering this skill can be frustrating and time consuming. Our rhythm class is designed to make learning rhythms fun. Think of the class as an organized drum circle in which students are given rhythms that match their individual … Read more

Ukulele Group

Over the last few years the ukulele has been featured more and more in popular music. The ukulele is an easy and fun instrument to play, and a good one can be purchased inexpensively. Due to its compact size, the ukulele can be played by both younger children and adults. For many, it serves as … Read more

Songwriting Group Class

Interested in writing or perfecting your own songs? There is nothing more enjoyable than presenting something original into the world. Much like learning an instrument, there are various methods and techniques to help guide you to becoming a more creative and knowledgeable songwriter. What’s great about songwriting is anyone can do it. So whether you … Read more

Jazz Band

Jazz is America’s greatest music tradition and one of the most fun and challenging musical genres to perform. In this course, students will learn to play in a traditional jazz style. Students will work on swing feel, improvisation, and ensemble playing. Parts will be written to match each students level of experience and skill. All … Read more

Rock Band

If you want the ultimate rock band experience, look no further than our Rock Workshop. Under the guidance of an instructor, the band members will have to choose a name, build a repertoire, rehearse material, develop a stage show….and have fun! All students interested in participating in the Rock Workshop must already be able to … Read more

Musical Theatre & Acting

Are you looking for more personal attention as part of a large ensemble? Are you looking for more time to shine on stage? Do you like acting and singing, but get frustrated when the director pushes you aside to work with the stars of the show? Are you frequently one of the leads of a … Read more