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Mini Musicians One

Mini Musicians is SUSPENDED until further notice.

Advanced String Band

About Advanced Guitar & Bass Workshop Students will work on original and classic instrumental arrangements of songs in nearly every musical genre including: blues, jazz, bluegrass, classical, folk, and rock. Participants will be expected to perform regularly at our Performing Arts Center and other outside events. To be accepted, students must first audition with Jay Sweet.  Students will be accepted based on talent, potential and commitment. This class will be limited to only six students. Cost Only $50 per month for students in private weekly lessons or $125 per month for non-enrolled students Audition Information Play a minor … Read more

Jazz Group

About Jazz Group Jazz is one of Americas most innovative and challenging styles of music. Classes will included training in jazz repertoire, harmony, rhythm, improvisation and history. Most importantly, participants will play together in a small ensemble with the guidance … Read more

Ukulele Group

Over the last few years the ukulele has been featured more and more in popular music. The ukulele is an easy and fun instrument to play, and a good one can be purchased inexpensively. Due to its compact size, the … Read more

Jazz Band

Jazz is America’s greatest music tradition and one of the most fun and challenging musical genres to perform. In this course, students will learn to play in a traditional jazz style. Students will work on swing feel, improvisation, and ensemble … Read more

Rock Band

If you want the ultimate rock band experience, look no further than our Rock Workshop. Under the guidance of an instructor, the band members will have to choose a name, build a repertoire, rehearse material, develop a stage show….and have … Read more

Musical Theatre & Acting

About Musical Theatre and Acting Workshop Are you looking for more personal attention as part of a large ensemble? Are you looking for more time to shine on stage? Do you like acting and singing, but get frustrated when the … Read more