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Sweet Music is an affiliate of Russo Music and has served the community and the local school districts as a band rental center for years. To order your band rental instrument or for information, please go to https://www.russomusicrentals.com/ or give us a call at 732-905-9095. Once you order your instrument, simply come to our location for pickup and dropoff.

Sweet Music Academy proudly offers school band and orchestra instrument rentals. Music students need quality instruments to ensure they can perform properly without any hinderances of faulty parts. That's why we've teamed up with Russo Music to provide you a convenient location to rent quality musical instruments. No need to travel far for your rental needs, stop in our store where we can handle your rental pickups, drop-offs or repairs. Visit Russo's website for more information.

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Instrument Rental Pricing for 2020/21 School Year

  • You may only sign-up for a 5 month lease or 9 month lease ONCE per school year.
  • After lease period has expired, rentals will then go to a month to month basis.
  • Monthly rates are for only AFTER lease period expires.
  • Lease payments can be put towards the purchase of the instrument.
  • You are not obligated to purchase when the lease agreement is up.
  • You may come in during our regular business hours to complete contracts.
  • Contracts require contact information, including a date of birth and a valid credit card.
  • Credit cards are kept on file as a form of a security deposit.
  • We are busiest between the hours of 3:30-7:30, please plan accordingly.
  • Completing as much of the contract ahead of time will speed up the in-store process.
  • In-stock instruments can be taken home the same day.

InstrumentGroup5 Month Lease5 Month Lease
with Insurance
10 Month Lease10 Month Lease
with Insurance
After Lease
Month to Month
After Lease
Month to Month
with Insurance
Snare Drum Kit1$40$52$129$153$30$36
Bell Kit1$40$52$129$153$30$36
Viola (Up to 14")1$40$52$129$153$30$36
Alto Sax2$99$121$189$222$40$48
Snare Drum and Bell Kit Combo2$99$121$189$222$40$48
Viola (15" and Up)2$99$121$189$222$40$48
Tenor Sax3$150$176$269$311$68$79
French Horn3$150$176$269$311$68$79
Baritone Horn3$150$176$269$311$68$79
String Bass3$150$176$269$311$68$79
Bass Clarinet4$195$221$349$391$88$99
Double French Horn4$195$221$349$391$88$99

Pricing subject to change, please refer to Russo Music directly for the most current pricing information