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Brass instruments range from large sousaphones to small bugles. Brass instruments have a certain authoritative characteristic synonymous with a marching band or school pep band. However, they can also be found in very intimate settings as well such as jazz quartets.

There are two main type of brass instruments, valved such as the trumpet and slide such as the trombone. The techniques used and the type of mouth piece are very similar among all brass instruments and therefore it is common to find brass players well versed in several brass instruments.

There are many different types of brass instruments but by far, the most popular brass instrument requests we get are for the trumpet and trombone. If you’re interested in learning any brass instrument, give us a call and we can check if our current brass instructors offer lessons beyond trumpet or trombone.

If you’re looking to improve your skills to get ahead in the school concert or marching band, looking to join or further explore a jazz band or are pursuing music performance for collage, look no further, our staff of brass instructors will guide you to leading the band.