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Jazz Group

About Jazz Group

Jazz is one of Americas most innovative and challenging styles of music. Classes will included training in jazz repertoire, harmony, rhythm, improvisation and history. Most importantly, participants will play together in a small ensemble with the guidance of a professional instructor. The ensemble is open to all instruments and vocalists. All students must already possess a certain degree of proficiency on their instruments and will be asked to audition either in person or by video. Student placement will be based on proficiency, experience and age.


Only $75 per month for students in private weekly lessons or $125 per month for non-enrolled students


Audition Process

Melodic Instrumentalists and Vocalists:

  1. (Instrumentalists only) Play a minor pentatonic scale and at least 6 major scales from memory.
  2. Play or sing one prepared jazz or blues piece at a medium or fast tempo.
  3. Play or sing one ballad of any style.


  1. Play a medium tempo swing groove
  2. Play a Latin style swing groove
  3. Play a funk groove
  4. Play a groove in 3/4 time
  5. Play a 12/8 shuffle feel

About The Instructor

Jay Sweet attended Berklee College of Music where he studied Jazz Performance & Composition. After receiving his B.A. in Professional Music, he continued his studies and received his M.A. in Jazz History and Research from Rutgers University. Since graduating, Jay Sweet has taught classes at Rutgers University, Middlesex College, and is currently a professor at Monmouth University where he teaches Jazz History, American Music History, Music Appreciation, and Bass & Mandolin instruction. As a musician, he has performed and recorded with several noted jazz musicians. Jay Sweet has also recorded four albums as a leader. In addition to teaching, performing, and running Sweet Music Academy, Jay is a published writer, guest lecturer, and a recipient of the Benny Carter Jazz Research Award.